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Help Identifying What these Cats Breed might be??

Cindy Lowther

Savannah Super Cat
There is someone in my area that seems to be strongly confused about what her cats are. She contacted me and wanted to know if I would be interested in an "Asian Leopard"??? This got my curious so had her send a pic, it was spotted kitten one of 2 out of a litter of kittens the others being black and white, she says well two of them are full blooded asian I corrected her and sent her a photo of an asian leopard and advised maybe they had some in their bloodline but she didnt' have an asian leopard. But possibly a Bengal mix. Well now she is claiming that they are Savannahs and that both the parents are F1s ;) Really? Cause the male would be sterile. Anyway, now she is posting pics on her FB claiming they are High generation Savannahs. I don't know if she just wishes them to be and thinks if she says is enough POOF they will be. But from the pics I have seen, not screaming Savannah to me but possibly a Bengal mixed with tabby. sydney.jpg View attachment 10014 View attachment 10013 I just wanted a professional opinion cause she is getting on my nerves..hahahaa. Some of you pros out there tell me what you think...This is the photo of the Mother of the kitten and father along with a kitten pic too.

Lori Greer

Cahaba Cats
Well either she was fooled or she's trying to scam others. Either way the kitten appears to be either a later gen SV or mix of some kind.

Cindy Lowther

Savannah Super Cat
I know I was polite to her but she was all over the place with what she is claiming them to be! I corrected her in her post when someone else was inquiring...I am not sure if she was misinformed or the one that is just Thanks for responding ;)


Site Supporter
Cute kitten but I don't see Savannah or Bengal. To me he almost looks more like he's part Pixiebob - just one that has a normal length tail.