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HELP please. My cat just figured out how to open doors.


Savannah Super Cat
I knew this day would come. I keep my boy in my bedroom (its about half the size of my apartment). I keep my birds in the living room. I came home to see my cat wondering around the living room. Sure enough, he can open doors.

I have a handle-type door knob. Is there something I can put on it that would make it impossible for him to get out?

I'm thinking I may just go with a round knob. I figure he wouldn't be able to turn that, right?



Reincarnated cat Moderator
The round knob would work, until he figures it out, if he does. Some do...some don't. The round one needs only to be on the inside.


Staff member
I just googled "child proof door knobs" and a bunch of choices came up. You might want to look at some to see if it suits your situation. And yes, he will likely figure out how to open a door with a round knob.


Staff member
Here is a lever handle lock:
or you may want to try a chain door guard for the outside of the door like this:
otherwise a contraption like this might work:
If you change to a knob rather than a lever he still may be able to open it, but safety devices for door knobs are much easier:


Site Supporter
We had this problem also. See if he handle comes off your door-knobs. We repositioned ours pointing up instead of sideways. That slowed him down some.


Savannah Super Cat
Walmart sells child safety locks for doors in the baby dept. We had to buy one, when grandson was found outside his new home. They are under $15. Sue