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Help please Sad and Alone.


Savannah Super Cat
Hello everyone, my name is Ejikay Jamelle Wachuku. I go by Jamelle because it is easier to pronounce. Ejikay means take it easy and wachuku means God's son. I am writing under my ex-girlfriend Stephanie's account or you might just know her as Tigitodwitz. Together we had 3 Savannahs Isabis Mosi and Brooklyn. When we broke up she got Isabis and Brooklyn and I got Mosi all three of them are F2 Savannahs. I need help and advise on what to do about my cat Mosi. Mosi was raised with the other 2 Savannas and 2 other domestic short hairs so he was always around cats. Up until about 3 months ago when we split up. Mosi was relocated to a new place that now has 3 dogs. He can no longer run around the house before like he could and everything is sectioned off so the dogs do not get into rooms that he can. With the move and adjustment Mosi had stop wanting to eat his dry food "Life's Abundance" So I started just giving him his meat which consisted of organic chicken, rabbit meat, and fish. That is all he ate for the last 2 weeks of August and first week of September. I noticed he was not having solid stools and thought it was just due to the new environment. Towards the end of September he threw up frequently and it crystallized almost as if it was a yellow gold color mixed with red. The entire month of October Mosi has only eaten rabbit meat. Now last night I fed him and about an hour later I noticed her looked like he was walking funny. He would get up then fall like an infant trying to learn to walk. After he falls his body goes numb and he is like paralyzed. Once that phase is over he looks stunned and shocked wondering where he is. I took him to the emergency vet last night. They did not give me any information that was useful. They did blood work on him and I was told everything looked fine. They said he was dehydrated and other than that that he was animic. What they want to do now is hold him for 3 days to do more tests and run a "Barium Administration" and "Barium Liquid EZ PER CC" I was told it was basically a running of dye through him to see where it goes. All this sounds cool and all but I don't have the type of money they are asking. For what they did last night will cost me 500 which is ran blood work test. Now this next part they want will cost an additional 700 so we are talking 1300 total and at this point the Dr. is telling me at that time he will be able to give me a better Idea of what to do. I don't have any kids this is my baby and I feel alone sad and like this is my fault. I thought his bond was with me and that he would be ok. If at any time I would have know or thought he would get sick or be in withdraw from the others if that is even possible. Can anyone give me some advise or direct me in the direction to get some help please. Has anyone ever seen these symptoms. It is like he is having seizers. No pooping just lil drops I don't have the 1300 to give them and I am going to have to pay minimum of 500 to get him back and get him the 24hr treatment. I don't want to sign him over to the clinic because I cant pay that full amount and he I don't know if this is something I could take care of my self or if separating them really broke his heart. All I know is my baby boy is not doing any good and I am afraid he is going to die from a broken heart. All Help and advise is welcomed. I am sorry for the long post.


Staff member
Jamelle, I'm sorry to hear about the sadness resulting from your breakup. I am not a veterinarian and cannot guess what may be wrong with Mosi. From your description, it does sound as though he is having seizures. However, from your description of his diet, it sounds like it is very unbalanced if you are giving him only meat without organs or bones.

First thing I would do is stop giving him fish. If you want to feed raw, you must add organ meats and bone into his diet. His symptoms can be caused by lack of proper and balanced nutrients. For general ease and to get him on a balanced diet quickly, I really believe you should get him eating a quality canned cat food and if he doesn't like canned, get him on a high quality kibble. In addition I recommend adding vitamins and a probiotic into his food to help his digestive system.

I hope a diet change is all that Mosi needs. Good luck and please keep us posted about his progress.


Staff member
I am so sorry - for your breakup and for what is going on with Mosi...and for you :(

I totally agree with Deborah...his diet sounds very unbalanced...rabbit is a very lean meat and with no organ meat to go along with it can lead to real issues...Question - where are you located? And do you know about Care Credit?

Please let us know what is going on and we should all be able to pit our heads together and help you.


Savannah Super Cat
Thank you all. I live in Daytona Beach. The vet informed me about care credit. I did not qualify for it. When I fed him rabbit, I gave him the nutrients mix as well as the turine and fish oil so he was not eating just meat. I am hoping it is just nutrients. He has loss a lot of weight in the last 3 months or so since the relocation of him. I did some research and it seems the questions I need to ask is why is he animic and why is his red blood count low and are his red blood cells regenerating. I am really sad and I cant lose Mosi. Thank you all.


Savannah Super Cat
Just found out the seizure / paralyze fall type thing that he does is not seizures and that they think it is nutrient related, but they still do not know. I am suppose to call them back at 7pm est for a more detailed report. I think they are getting tired of me calling and asking questions. I am taking this hard and just feel sick to my stomach.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
That is a good thing, Jamelle. That means you can reduce it with food. I know he is resisting food, but you will find something he will accept. Just DO NOT give up. Love him and make him know he is special. And YOU calm down. I know you are worried. But worry never helped anything. Concern yes...Worry NO. :)


Savannah Super Cat
Is it ok to use petigree formula for children for Mosi to help boost his nutrients? If it is ok how often should I give it to him and should I try to bottle feeding him or just put it in his bowl.