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HELP Please

John Popp

Site Supporter
As Rafiki said, the transporter to outside doesn't work without their gear on and them being underarm. They should never get to go through a door under their own power.

With the harnesses, always the neckstrap first and then the torso strap. The neck strap is what determines and limits the distance from the torso strap and the front legs. Putting the neck strap on first limits the opportunity for them to get an elbow through.

Then there is this gem if you live someplace where there are coyotes.


John Popp

Site Supporter
LOL :roflmao: — that vest would be perfect for keeping people away from the Savannah girls
Probably would attract AZ coyotes. :p:cool:
My guess is that as intended, any Coyote would look at it and say "WTF is that" and move along.

I live in a very densely populated small city (60,000 people in 3 square miles) and Coyotes have made a home here. While there has only been the loss of one pet, it has become a fairly large source of online entertainment for the community. Hardly any public forum goes a day without talk of the City securing goods from the Acme company, employing the help of the Road Runner or putting rocket skate lanes on the city streets. The latest has been several people making the bold fashion statements of purchasing these Coyote Vests. These well-dressed dogs in the city parks, are certainly advancing the social infrastructure and laughter in our community.


Savannah Super Cat
:roflmao: Hmmmm. John — I’m thinking that the coyotes in your small town have been getting their food & beverage needs met at the local pubs. Alongside the fine people in your city. tri cool:

The poor poor dogs must endure the vests of horror. :X3: Pink and Orange spikes? :oops:
Fortunately for Savvanahs, it is a dogs duty to wear those “scary” vests—just ask any self respecting feline beauty!

Here’s to Laughing and Roasting of the happiest coyotes and people in that wonderful city of 60,000!
(In 3 square miles???)

Love 2Love 2 :lol::lol: