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help with blood tests

I am new to savannahs ive had loads of domestic cats and a few breeds but i need help i have a 9 month old f5 Savannah that i love to bits i took him to the vets to get nueted and was asked about per bloods before the op so i said yes to make sure he was ok for the op his in house bloods came back as something is wrong andthey took some more boods and sent them off and came back something wrong. so i took him to another vet as wasnt feeling comfotable with this vet took him to another vet and his bloods have come they were the same they think their is somthing wrong with his liver can anyoneread his result and tell me what they think he seems to be fine at the moment img20180814_12231128.jpg



Staff member
The liver enzymes are elevated but in and of itself is a vague finding and not definitive of any specific disease. I notice that the WBCs are also elevated which can suggest infection, inflammation, or reactionary (e.g., from stress). What did your vet suggest your next steps should be? You can probably go to either extreme from doing nothing and rechecking it in a couple of months to proceeding with a liver biopsy.