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Help with inappropriate elimination


Savannah Super Cat
Do you know if a cat lived in your new place before you? Maybe that cat peed on the carpet and Titus smells it. You might consider changing the carpet and padding if you're able. If not, buy a boatload of Anti Icky Poo and drench the carpet all the way through the padding and then clean it.
Maybe he needs more than 1 litter box, especially if the one he has isn't located in a quiet private space. There could also be a stray cat outside the house/apartment that is disturbing him.

Frequent moves can take a toll on a species that doesn't like change. Try a phone consult with Marilyn Krieger She can help narrow down whether environmental factors are responsible for the behavior change and suggest ways to stop it.

I know he hates new things. . Ill order the icky poo, i had never heard of it before. Maybe the cleaners I've used weren't strong enough to clean away the smell for a kitty's nose.

If that fails ill give her a call.

Thank you


Staff member
Have you tried using two (or three) litter boxes? Sometimes they will prefer to poop in one box and pee in the other. Try different litters - I know one person who's adult Savannah started urinating outside of the box until she started using plain (unshredded) newspaper instead of traditional litter. Alternatively you should try Cat Attract litter to see if that will help retrain him to use the litterbox appropriately. As a more extreme measure you can consider crating him whenever you can't supervise him closely with food, water, and litterbox - this will sometimes get a cat back on track as well. I would definitely start with an extra box or two though, if you haven't already tried that.