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Help with Introducing Cats - Nothing is working!


Savannah Kitten
My 2 savannah cats (Arya & Django) and I moved into my boyfriend’s house with his non-savannah cat just over 4 months ago. We’ve literally done everything by the book to introduce them and it is going terribly.

To everyone’s surprise it is actually his cat that is trying to kill my savannah cats. We have to keep them completely separated at all times or else very nasty fights happen.

We’ve tried or are currently doing the following:
  • Feeding on opposite sides of a gate
  • Site-swapping every day
  • Feliway plug-ins
  • Increased play time
  • Prozac
  • Scent-swapping with the same brush
None of these things seem to be helping. My boyfriend’s cat will peacefully eat in the presence of my cats, but as soon as she finishes she charges the gate and nearly knocks herself out trying to get to my Savannahs.

Does anyone have any suggestions? We’re ready to give Jackson Galaxy a call. :(


Staff member
Consulting a behaviorist is a good idea. It could take a long time before they all cohabit peacefully. A lot depends on the age, personality, and energy level differences between the SVs and the resident cat. Four months isn't that long, although I'm sure it seems like an eternity to all of you. Your BF's cat has had quite a change to her territory -- 2 new cats and a new human -- so sharing her space and her dad has definitely changed her world.

One thing to try if you haven't already is putting one of the SVs (whichever is the calmest) in a large crate, setting it in the living room and letting them get used to being in the same space. Short periods of time at first, 15 minutes max, less if it goes really bad. An abundance of patience and persistence is necessary.


Staff member
Although in this case I don't think it will be effective, but sometimes if you put a drop of vanilla on the cats' noses it masks each others' scents so they don't get so aggressive. Is your boyfriend's cat spayed? A cat behaviorist might be a good idea, but it may be that you will simply need to keep them separated permanently.