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Here we go again.

Trish Allearz

AH, BCR is well known for their anti-hybrid propaganda and their slant against hybrid ownership. You should google the owner- however- there is a lot to be said about BCR that is better left unsaid on this forum.


Savannah Super Cat
The sad part about that group is that alot of people form their opinions about Savannahs and other hybrids based on what they have said without doing a little more research on them.


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
Always trying to tell the rest of us what to do with our lives... LoL - they ain't telling this guy sh*t! My 2 SV's are my life and the best pets I've ever owned (period).

...and just maybe they should quit taking on more rescue cats if they can't handle the ones they already have, rather than spewing a load of crap. Look, I'm sure there are bad owners out there...but telling the rest of us good owners (who far out number the bad ones) that we shouldn't do this or that is where I draw the line. Notice the absence of criticism directed at gazillions of 'domestic cat owners' whose cats do end up in shelters? hmmm...really? and you know what, this SV owner has taken on sheltered domestics as pets in the past...quite a few I might add. They were great pets, just that my SV's for me are super great pets. Ok, I'm done with my nightly rant... dj


Did this uneducated, creep of a guy even bother to check if that poor baby had a microchip? Doesn't look like it...seems he stole a "$5k" cat that sprays all over everything and doesn't like crappy kibble.

These people are so annoying and so WRONG. Paige, where's your video?