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He's A Renaissance Man!



So, big Lou is a regular "do-it-yourselfer", a real "jack-of-all-trades".

What am I talking about? So I manage to trim his claws every (about) 3 weeks by using the spring steel paper clips on his neck and then wrestling with him to get to his front claws while he's more cooperative with the hinds, method. Whew!

After I do this I see him fussing with his forepaws and producing a popping/snapping sound much like a rubber band being snapped.................very gross and makes the hairs on my neck stand up much like fingernails being scratched along a blackboard.

So, what's he doing? He's sharpening his claws! After a few days of this, they're good as new with brand new sharp points on them rarin' to accidentally draw blood from his loyal master.

Solution? Tell him to stop biting his nails.:rolleyes: