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He's Lost His Head


Savannah Super Cat
Absolutely gorgeous! I gotta say, I'm surprised that those candles are still sitting on the countertop! :lol: You must have a well trained kitty! ;)


Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad you're enjoying the pictures as much as I do taking them.

Mrs CC:
Nope. I'm the one who's trained, not he. I guess he doesn't "see" the candles...........yet. I'm actually reluctant to touch or move ANYTHING in his presence, 'cause then, he'll "see" them.:) You did notice that the roll of kitchen paper towels is no longer on it's holder.:big grin: If it was, then it would be "my bad, my bad, my bad, my bad" like Kevin Bacon said the other day. My house looks like a bomb hit it, and I'm forgetting where I put stuff to keep everything out of his reach. But, having fun! He's a real character.

I suppose that he's about 3/4 of his full length and height by now. He's about 15" from rump to shoulders and about 13" to his hind quarters. He is slender, but well muscled. He weighed in yesterday (exactly 23 w/o) @ 8 3/4 pounds, which seems light to me. I don't know how long they continue to grow, but it seems to me that he'll top out at maybe 16-18 pounds. He's steadily gaining about 3/4 pound every 2 weeks.


Staff member
Joe, we always say the size of savannahs is deceptive because they look bigger than they weigh...many savannahs are so tall and lean that people think they weight 30 least that is what I often hear at cat shows and when talking to people who don't know much about the breed, other than what they see on youtube or the internet...

Louie is just a gorgeous, gorgeous boy!!! His growth rate may slow down...Taj is 3 years old and fully grown now and weighs in at 15 pounds, but no fat on him...but he is an exceptionally large F6 though...and his father was a big boy as well...

Ixas is fairly tall and VERY muscular...he feels so solid and heavy when I pick him up but he only weighs about 10 pounds, so weight is not an accurate determination of size...I would think Louie will be very tall and muscular...