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Hi from Orlando


Savannah Adult
Hi, my name is Chris, I'm from Orlando, Florida. My spouse, our 5 1/2 year old son, and I are adopting an F5 SBT male Savannah from Wild Tafari. He's 3 weeks old right now and will be coming home in early August when he's 16 weeks old. I've been reading a lot about Savannah's but we've never actually seen one in person before. Our last cats were a Maine Coon and 2 regular domestics. So far, our son wants to name our Savannah Zeus. I attached some pics of him below that were taken last week at 2 weeks old.


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SV Dad

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taking the plunge with 2
Congratulations! Both look like great cats.
Keep reading these forums. Lots of very helpful information.
I would be remiss not telling you, be ready for an active kitty! Especially kittens.
You will be coming back and saying, "Holy cow! You folks weren't kidding!"
And the personality will quickly win you over.
Those of us with multiple savannahs will tell you the activity - energy level - persistence, is not equal to N, but to N squared, where N= number of savannhs.:)... Yeah, it's like that!:roflmao: