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His Royal Majesty

Zeus loves his cat tree, it is in the corner and because the top levels are so high, he can see everything goin on in the room. When he does this, there are times he looks so royal, so regal, almost as if he were on a throne and he was presiding over his kingcom, my house.

Zeus 16 wks.jpg

Zeus spends alot of time staring into the picture behind him. I often wonder is he looking at his reflection in the glass, or is he is looking at the tiger. If he is looking at the tiger, could he be taking notes so he knows what to be like when he is grown.

A friend commented on this picture on my fb page, saying how both Zeus and the tiger have the same look in their eyes. I hadn't noticed at first, but see it now tri cool:
Ty, there are days where I come home from work and I swear I can tell that he has grown that day. It is amazing to me. Abu will be coming home in a couple of weeks and I think he is bigger than Zeus. I can't wait till they can start playing together. Of course I'll follow standard practice of 2 weeks quarantine. But such fun we will have after. :)


Staff member
Zeus does look regal, Rob! he is stunning!!! And can't wait for Abu to go home!! We will be expecting lots of pics ;)
His royal majesty is just full of it today !!! OMG this is the most extreme case of the zoomies I have ever seen!!! And I've played with him for at least an hr since I've been home from work. He has been making circuits of the house at high speed. I know where he is at even in the other rooms ... It's not hard to track the crashing of objects being knocked over to the howls of the other cats. I wasn't even safe, he thought it would be funny as heck to do a flyby and take out an ankle on the way by.

He owes me some cuddle time for this lol =}


Staff member
he owes you more than cuddle time :roflmao:

Sounds like he needs a buddy of the feline persuasion :cat: