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Savannah Super Cat
Question for some of the more experienced people here. Introduced a f2 male into the house 2 months ago. He is 7 months old now. He has no aggresion torwards my f3 or f6 whatsover. Hangs out with my f6 female all night long. He's not socialized with people well but we are working on that and have been through it before and hes making great headway.we are not petting him yet but he likes to rub his nose on our hand. He's very large already and has a giant head.hahha. Anyway he hisses constantly. If you look at him he hisses. If you walk past him he hisses. He will walk right up to me Hiss then wait for me to stick my hand out to touch his nose to it. He will jump on the couch next to my head Hiss to get my attention then gently chew on my finger. He has never tried to bite or swat or anything agressive. My question is how normal is this? Should I even be concerned?


Staff member
it is perfectly normal and I would not worry. Many savannahs hiss when they are happy and they hiss when they are upset or angry. You just need to learn to read your cat's vocalizations...seems like you are already doing that...


Savannah Super Cat
coco does the same, she hisses a bit when she wants attention, when i walk past her and ignore her, when she wants dinner etc

she also does it at the tv when i have the big cat channel on

when shes really enjoying something she does a little growl which is so funny, usually when she has a nice bit of chicken or a new toy :)

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think it can be inherited behavior from the Serval...they are reputed to be hissy cats, where the hisses can range from general conversation through to the more normal "I feel threatened"... when introducing this breed to cat judges at cat shows we had to educate them that they can be hissier than normal cats and to watch for other signs of aggression: ear position, whiskers etc. It's like the fluffy tail that in most cats means they are freaked out, in a Savannah can mean they are just excited or very happy. Just little quirks our breed has :)


Site Supporter
When Bella frist came home to live with the boys and I. She was a hissy girl.
Now she is more of a tail fluffer. And the funniest is when she is eating.
chewing and a growl like noise. Tetsu used to hiss at toys as he was attacking them.
All three still hiss now and then. It more of an excitement hiss.



Savannah Super Cat
Thanks for the replys. I pretty much knew the answer but kinda wanted to hear it from people more experienced than me. Thanks. Each of my savannahs are def. different from each other so Its a work in progress trying to figure out exactly how to read them. Thanks again.