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Homemade chicken broth for Savannah's to eat


Savannah Super Cat
Hello everyone, so I have two Savannah's, Leah our f8 and our baby Loki who is an f4 (turned one a few months ago) Loki unfortunately was diagnosed with large Cell lymphoma when he was just 7 months old, he had chemo and he's now in full remission. Our vet says it will come back, but I am in denial about that... Anyway! I remember my Grandma would make homemade chicken broth and she swore it was very good for us. I have started making it too (I roast a chicken with nothing else added, then boil the bones and some skin for a few hours with water, this I then give a small bowl each to both of them and they love it. I can't see it being bad for them as I add nothing else, no seasoning ect, has anyone else done this, is it good for them to have this once a week? They were both on raw but due to Loki's treatment we had to stop and give them high quality normal cat food! Let me know if anyone else had tried this or if you think this is a good idea.


Site Supporter
Yes, I frequently make chicken broth this way for my savs, they love it and it is very nutritious for them. I also used to make it for my old boy before he passed as he wasn’t eating, he loved his broth and it helped to keep him hydrated.