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Homemade raw food and oh CRAP....

Tina Kinsley

Savannah Super Cat
So, I bought a Tasin and made my first batch of raw with chicken thighs, chicken livers, wildtrax, eggs, etc. I'm feeding it to my Cornish Rex and he's absolutely thriving; he's up to 8.5 lbs from 7.5ish when he started this about a month or so ago. I've been mixing Rad Cat with the homemade to switch him over gradually.

Last night, Toonsis (my C Rex) was slurping up his raw food happily. He suddenly started making a gagging motion and pawing at his mouth--this went on for at least ten minutes straight. I looked in his mouth (he is a VERY trusting kitty and will let me touch inside his mouth without ever biting me), and it looked like he had either A: broken a tooth and half was sticking out towards his cheek or B: there was a big piece of bone lodged there.

I tried to pull it out and it wasn't happening. Thankfully I have a vet down the street who is open until midnight. Poor guy had to be sedated to remove the bone shard that got stuck between his molars, embedded in his gum. and nearly spanned the lower part of his mouth under his tongue.

I have NO idea how a shard that big managed to get through the grinder (maybe is was still unground and on the rotor???), but at any rate, it's double grind for me from now on. That was not cool. Cost me 263 bucks to boot. :( He's totally worth it and fine now, though, so all's well that ends well.


Staff member
Sorry to hear this happened to poor Toonsis. I've only heard of it happening one other time before. You might want to consider a smaller size grinding plate, rather than doubling your prep time by double grinding.


Savannah Super Cat
The other day, Vakai had a long, piece of bone stuck between his upper canines, he kept using both paws to try and get it out, but it wasn't happening. When I went towards him, he let me free it with my finger. Two seconds later, he was trying to eat it again. I'm just glad it wasn't Riyl or Erra, they would have gone crazy.

I try and watch them while they eat. This is the first time in months that THAT has happened.


Savannah Super Cat
ive been using the tasin for about 1.5 yrs and i never had a problem like that. i also use it about every 5-6 weeks. like patti said smaller plate will help. idk the exact size i use but it was the smallest one that came with it.

Tina Kinsley

Savannah Super Cat
Yeah, I've figured out it was definitely in the stuff that didn't quite make it through the plate; I'm using the littlest hole one now. I'll just be more careful next time. He's back to his normal self now, so no harm done other than to my checkbook.

Thanks everyone.