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How are we all doing . . .


Savannah Super Cat
I figured we could use a thread to just say how our kitties are doing this July 2014.

Paz (my DSH) turned 6. Still nursing the eye, though it is making progress and the ulceration is gone. Just went in for his yearly checkup this morning. He has dropped a pound, now just over 15lbs.

I have had Yuki and Yeti for a year now and they are mostly doing great.

Yuki is on antibiotics for her UTI and she is obviously feeling better. I didn't realize it was possible, but she is even more active that usual. I have also been giving her the pills by hand. She will struggle some as expected, and surprisingly has not drawn blood yet. She is proving easier to medicate than I imagined.

Yeti is healthy as can be and still growing. He is gaining weight again like he used to before each growth spurt. Now his weight is closing in on 10lbs. He was in for his yearly exam and shots this morning as well.

All three are happy, playful, and affectionate in abundance.

What a difference a year makes.
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Reincarnated cat Moderator
Kilifi is full of P & V and loves to steal Azidi's toys from under the door. Of course, Azidi puts them next to the door so Kilifi can take them. Their way of play, I suppose.
Azidi is much more talkative and demontrative of her love than Kilifi. But I cannot hold Azidi where as I can hold Kilifi....for a few seconds. Kilifi does follow me around though, gives me kitty kisses and demand play time at all hours of the day or night.
Azidi is becomming a bit less skittish, but still has a long way to go to be considered running the house. Probably will be that way until I can convince Kilifi that being a bully is NOT the way to play.
Both girls keep me smiling and happy. :)


Animal Communicator
Tiger got in a fight with a rando and his head is one big scab. Polysporin, reiki, and traumeel made it possible to avoid a vet visit, thankfully.

Zeddie ruined my prank, and yelled at my bird when he/she tried to attack me


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Ha! Apparently I am too lazy to type or say random, so it has become rando. It was a random cat


Animal Communicator
The prank was on my sister. The ol 'hide-in-the-closet-and-jump-out' routine. Zeddie cried at the closet door, ruining the whole joke. Good to know if there is an apocalypse -_-

The bird needs meds every am and he/she get super grumpy about it. Zeddie was gallantly defending my honour


I can't believe Duma is 2 1/2 already! He is (still) going through his terrible 2s. He wants to play, all the time, but the minute I pick up a toy to play with him, he walks the other way. Or he plays for a second or so and then walks away bored. So spoiled.


Savannah Super Cat
Zubi is just over a year and remains the most affectionate, confident, and tolerant cat I have ever met! Love him to pieces! (Except when he walks around meowing at nothing ha!)