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How big space should they have?

Okay so I don't yet got savannahs and it will be a few years before that. But what I wonder is what kind if space these cats require.
I understand it that most people that are enslaved to these cats live in houses?
I know they are very active and should have access to a garden (caged in). But what about indoor space? Is it possible to have them in a spacious apartment?
I'm wondering also because I live with my boyfriend who lives with his permanently ill mother and she refuse to move to a nursing home (he moved back home 6years ago to help his parents out more when they got the grim news). And well, since I moved in with them, me and my boyfriend isn't allowed to stay here after his mother have passed. Therefor I want to get an idea at what kind of rent we can expect for a decent sized appartment with garden. I'm thinking that a minimum of 50m2 is needed, but then again I'm not very good with estimating how big square meters actually is, numbers and me don't really get along.:eek:
Maybe it would just be cheaper in the long run to find a house, which probably would be better?


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Cats need vertical as well as horizontal space. Cat trees, climbing shelves, tall furniture they can access all help to increase their space if the apt./house is small. If I did the math correctly, 50m2 = approx 538 square feet which seems too small for even 1 human -- but I like a lot of space so can't judge what is adequate for others.


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Hi Hun.
We have three boys, f3 Jarvis, f4 Mickey blue eyes, and f5 diablo in 2400 ft2 (about 731 m2).

We are finishing our basement soon, adding about 1200ft2 (365m2) and will then likely bring home savannah no. 4 (a little girl).

We have a decent amt of verticals space for them, and the basement design will have more. For us, this is equilibrium.

Brigitte Cowell

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I think as people have said, vertical space is equally important...I also think that cats are much like humans, we adapt to what we have. We'd all prefer a spacious home but sometimes you have to make do with a more compact space. I probably wouldn't recommend an F1 or F2 in a very small apartment though...


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I used to recommend against owning a Savannah if you lived in an apartment, but over the years have realized that as long as you provide vertical space (cat trees, book shelves, wall mounted TVs :roflmao:, etc.) the cat(s) will be happy. What is important is that you provide plenty of play time and activities so that it doesn't get bored, and realize that your home - however big or small - will at some point in time turn into the Daytona race track, so be prepared... ;)
Hi and thanks for the replies :)
Was a bit worried at first that everyone would be completely against savannahs as apartment cats

And yes, I know that it's important to have plenty of vertical space, so having plenty of shelves and furniture they can climb is absolutely something I'll be getting. And if we find an apartment with a garden(which I kinda demand haha) the whole thing is gonna be caged in so the cats would be able to enter via the backdoor or even through windows. The last thing I want is insufficient vertical spaces and an under activated cat. Wouldn't be fun for us humans or the cat.