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How do I keep my Savannah off counters?

I can't seem to keep my 7 month old savannah kitten off my kitchen table, counters and refrigerator. I've tried a spray bottle which he doesn't like but once I leave the room it is not long until he is back up on there. I've also tried lining ALL of my counters with that hard plastic with raised nodules that you put under chairs upside down so all the points are sticking up but he couldn't care less. He jumps up still. Any other thoughts? Will he eventually learn? I've had him for almost 4 months now. He is a brat! Good thing he is adorable. ;)


Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I personally am of the belief that we can only train animals to obey such rules while we are in the room or near it... I manage for the couple weeks around Christmas to use the SScat motion detectors to keep them away from the corner of the room that the tree goes up in, but am quite sure if I tried that all year round they'd work it out and that would be the end of that....

They are smart enough to learn the rules, but also smart enough to know when you aren't around, you can't enforce them...


Savannah Super Cat
I've heard to put tapes and cats doesn't like orange smell. My cats doesn't go on counter yet... will soon.... a matter of days.... will try those tricks.....


Staff member
I have been successful with the Sssscat aerosol cans with most of my cats but I had one that would actually sit in front of it and swipe at it until it ran out of air. Putting a cat tree at counter height or a bit higher in the kitchen and encouraging them to sit there instead has also worked with me when I had one there (unless I was fixing something really irresistible), but takes up room in the kitchen so not always doable.