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How Does Your SV Greet You?



Does he fluff up his tail and parade back and forth showing you his butt, and then coming back flinging his head at you for a head butt? Does he chirp/wail/chatter/caterwaul and repeat same when you speak his name exaggeratedly and excitedly? Does he lick your nose, bite it, both or neither? Does this activity go on for 30 seconds, one minute, 5 minutes or until you quit?


Staff member
When I come back home from a long/short absence:
Juba runs toward me making all sorts of noises, throws himself against my legs and madly wags his tail.
Taji stands aloof caterwauling at me and then head butts me until I bruise.
Maliik runs back and forth with his tail pooled and his ridge up but he doesn't want to be touched.

When I get up in the morning and go into the kitchen to fix their breakfasts:
A cacophony of sounds in addition to leg rubbing, head butting, tail wagging, tail poofing, ridges up, weaving & bobbing on tippy toes plus more from all three.


Site Supporter
Rafiki flops down in front of me and flips from side to side showing me her adorable spotted belly. She keeps this up until I rub that little belly. Then she starts licking my fingers and my nose. This is frequently accompanied by love bites.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It depends on the SV... Missy gets all fluffed up and has to rub repeatedly against my legs, then present her tail end while kneading on the floor. Baz meows, asks to be picked up so he can wrap his legs around me and lick and try to bite my cheek nose or whatever bit he can reach. Nina gets whippy tailed and chirps and runs back and forth. Zari would complain and demand play.

The time this lasts seems directly proportional to how long I've been away...

John Popp

Site Supporter
Hmmmm, I get a quick greeting at the door, a couple head butts and then a purposeful trot to show me what he destroyed today. "Check this out, ya know ya really should put stuff like that away". Then there's "I don't know how many times you're going to fall for this one, but as a favor I'll remind you what happens when you don't step on the roll of toilet paper". Lastly, "If you aren't going to open your mail I will and some day you should thank me for it".


Savannah Super Cat
Nyah runs to the door and I see her meowing in the window. When I get in, her tail is poofy and she rubs all over, then flops down on my feet so I can pet her. At this point she is purring enough to register on the Richter scale. Kovu chirps his little head off, purrs and purrs, if I don't pick him up quickly enough he will literally jump up so I better grab him. He licks and licks and makes this awful whiny noise, then bites. I say "no bite" and he lays his head right on my neck. How do you get mad at that? What if he does the jumping thing when he is full grown? That might get interesting!


Site Supporter
D, Mickey and Jarvis run and meet me at the door. If the hear the car, Mickey and D are in the two front windows, meowing at me. When the door opens, D whimpers, mrrows, head butts, and purrs up a storm. I almost always pick him up the second I have put my bag down, or I sit down.
Mickey comes over for a quick rub against my legs and a quick pet and head butt. then he goes in search of Mike.
Jarvis waits until D is done making a fuss, then comes over for a head butt, then runs to the kitchen in the hope of food.


Savannah Adult
Ayanai is pretty quiet when she greets me. She trots up to me tail erect (never noticed if it was fluffed or not) and helps me let Lyra out before I get mauled by her love as well. Then I sit on the stairs and take off my boots and she weaves in between my hands and boots rubbing all over. I usually pick her up at this point and am rewarded with a sniff followed by a headbutt and glasses smudge. Then, once we have let Lyra in and I'm giving the her her hello, Ayanai rubs all over Lyra's chest and winds her tail around her nose and I end up on my butt on the floor trying to pet both of them at the same time. It's about the same regardless of whether I am coming home from work or just a quick outting. They both follow me around the house and have to help in whatever I am doing and if Ayanai has lost sight/track of me she will meow loudly until I either go see her or which case she comes trotting to say hello again.


Savannah Super Cat
My Whiskey is at the top of the stairs waiting for me with a look like where you've been all day, Mom. And as soon as I see her, I fly up the stairs to greet her and love her and then she gives me head butts.