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How high is too high?

I have grandiose plans ... The stair well from the main floor to the second floor were the bedrooms are in my house opens in to a huge cathedrral ceiling area. At its highest it's 20 ft in the air. I'm thinking this would be a "most excellent" area for the kitties to go vertical. For the most part they wouldn't be more than 10 ft above the ground / stairs (stairs go halfway up then reverse on themselves at landing) only place I would be hesitant about is the far wall were if I were to put shelves all the way up they are looking at a decent drop. What is highest safe height for this kitty shangri-la to go to?

Trish Allearz

Ugh- that is an excellent question! I will say I know of a kitten that managed to fall from a relatively minor height (like 6-8 feet?) and died :( A little F1 baby, no less. The 10 feet, I'd have no issues with because my cat tree reaches the ceiling and they also love to be on the shrunk/computer desk and those are 10 feet up. Any higher- I'm not sure. Just ensure everything has good purchase for their little feet- that would be the main issue- and I'd probably want to be able to change things if there are times you don't want them climbing high (after surgery, they aren't feeling good, etc) so ensure you can switch things up easily enough.
I have wall to wall carpeting except kitchen and bathrooms of course. I think I'm gonna play it safe and not go any higher than 12 ft above a given surface ... Zeus already loves hanging out on the top of doors and jumps down from those. Trish great thought about being able to easily prevent them from going so high when n
Stupid iPhone key pad lol ... Anyways was saying great thought on being ble to easily prevent them from going so high when not feeling well. Speaking of ... I was going to get the boys sni
I hate this phone lol ... I was saying before so rudely interrupted by iPhone key pad again ... Getting both boys snipped at same time. My thoughts being if they both down for a couple days healing ... Less chance of rough housing than if do both at different times. They are only a week apart in age so that isn't much of a consideration . Your thoughts pls :)