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How many times has this happen with your savannahs?


Savannah Super Cat
Taz pulled the tp off the holder and threw it in the toilet. I've kept it in the cabinet for years but thought I'd give the holder another try. Bad idea.


Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I've not had that happen... mostly mine would splash about if the lid of the toilet was left up so we are careful to put toilet lids down.


Savannah Super Cat
He's really good with the lid up, but he just can't resist toilet paper/paper towels. I can't tell you how many rolls of both he's killed. It's really funny.


Staff member
I have never had that happen either, although I have had kitties fall in the toilet :roflmao:


Site Supporter
Rafiki unravels the TP into a big puddle on the floor and then scoops it up and dumps it in the toilet. When it is good and soggy, she retrieves it and runs around the house with it. We think that she is trying to express her artistic side with decoupage as some of the soggy TP has been stuck to the walls. She is also great at fetching Kleenex and dropping it in there. She prefers tissue because it does not fall apart as fast as TP but it is not as geographically friendly as the roll of TP. And, if all else fails, she will murder her toys in the toilet. Yes, we are getting very good at keeping the lid down.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Lol! Hasn't happened here....yet. Our TP is usually shredded into a snow pile on the floor.

We have had kitties fall into the toilet, tho.


Staff member
LOL, I always keep the toilet seat down so have not had this happen before, but I have had several shredded rolls before I finally got a Savannah-safe TP holder:

Kitty-Deterrent Toilet Dispenser.jpg