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How Time Flies.... Elsa's 4th Birthday Today

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
It is amazing how time flies... Today Elsa turns 4 years old and seems like it was only yesterday! Looking back there is so much sadness, but at the same time, there is even more happiness and Elsa is doing great!

2017-08-31 19.21.38.jpg
Waiting for dinner... She always waits for her food and lets me know she wants dinner by patiently waiting me... Never gets vocal about food

2017-09-11 12.20.12.jpg

Loves to travel, Cars do not bother her at all... She loves the adventure

2017-09-27 16.50.47.jpg
And many times just sits back and watches me...

2017-10-20 18.48.18.jpg

Makes a Great Mantle Piece... Sometimes she is so still you can look at her and not see her! Even though that is hard to believe. I do not keep anything up there as she has claimed this shelf.

2017-11-24 20.08.39.jpg
No clue why she chose to get in my Recycle Trash can, she just decided to sit there a while...

2017-11-12 13.25.16.jpg 2017-11-19 22.35.13.jpg

Any time I go to bed to sleep or nap time, she is sure to follow.... If I am in the house, she is somewhere in sight... even though sometimes you may not see her.

Looking back I am glad I made the decisions that I did and they were easy ones to make... Glad I did not listen to the Doctors... Elsa is doing great now days...​

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
Even though I was not home (had to work) Elsa had a good day... She had her favorite dinner (Turkey of course) and then she opened her gift (A new Cat Tree)... This was not quite what I had thought it to be, but she seems to be having a good time with it.

Elsa_Birthday4-01.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-02.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-03.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-04.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-06.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-07.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-08.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-09.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-10.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-11.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-14.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-15.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-16.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-17.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-18.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-19.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-20.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-12.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-21.JPG Elsa_Birthday4-22.JPG


Staff member
Happy, happy birthday, precious Elsa! I can't believe you are four years old already

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