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How vocal are your Savannahs?


Savannah Super Cat
My fiancee and I have been traveling a lot visiting my family around the state. We just got back from Georgia after spending a week with my grandmother, aunt, two uncles, mom & dad, and sister's family for a family reunion like thing. The experience has been great for Leo my 4 month old Savannah. He loves being around new people, riding in the car, and exploring new outdoor and indoor places.

After returning from Georgia, Leo has become increasingly vocal. I don't mind it, and I actually think it is cute when he sits behind me while I'm on my computer and meows until I give him attention. He wakes me up by sitting on my head and meowing in my face. His health is fine, and recently has been given de-worming medication about a week ago. Usually his meowing means 1 of 3 things: I am hungry give me wet food. Give me attention in which upon request he sprints away around the corner and hides waiting to ambush the pursuer. I have to go to the bathroom. He will walk around for about 5 minutes meowing non-stop until he decides to sprint to the litter box and go number 2. His stools are perfect so I don't think he has bowel issues.

Since our return from Georgia he has become increasingly vocal. It's possible that he's just becoming more of a confident kitten after several trips outside. It's not an issue, but I'm wondering if his behavior should be of any concern to myself. Thanks!


Staff member
Two of mine are very vocal and talk all the time. The third speaks only when he has something important to say. One was chatty from the moment he popped out of his mom, probably talked in utero also. The other two gradually started to "speak" more as they neared maturity -- 3 yrs old.


Staff member
Matt, it could be that Leo was used to being out and about and talking to everyone and now he is in the house with only you and your fiancee ;) So he is trying to tell you he wants to go O-U-T! In my house I have Taj - he is the loudest and always has been - he howls to go out...Cinny yaps all the time and Ixas yaps as well...


Savannah Super Cat
kratos talks all the time! when i take him out for walks i usually get the typical "aww he's scared" comment cus he meows so much. Then i have to tell them, no he's not meowing cus he's scared, its cus he likes to talk a lot! I'll sit at home and have conversations with him too:p I definitly havent been lonely at home anymore!