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Hubby brought home another savannah. Help??


Savannah Super Cat
okay so both kitties were in separate kitty carriers. They seemed to be talking to each other. But when the new one sees Koda he hisses and growls. Koda doesn't. I have put new kitty in bathroom where Koda is very familiar and moved kodas things to the walk in closet so new one is in quarantine. My question is I looked at the tica form and he's 8 years old. Koda is only almost one. He is also double the size of koda. I can't tell what kind he is either. Koda is a f5sbt. But this one his tica says Nfoundation savannah/vp/exp sh/bg. Sure is an a2p and dam is a sbt. So I'm trying to figure out what He is?? And if he's to old to get along with koda?

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Congrats...was this was a complete surprise to you? Do you know anything of the new boy's history before he arrived to your home?

You are doing the right thing by quarantining the new boy initially. His and Koda's acceptance of each other will depend largely on how long the new boy stays in quarantine and if he has lived successfully with other, especially male cats, before this. Don't be afraid to let the quarantine and introductions go on longer than the typically recommended two weeks.

I am guessing he is an F5A, assuming the mother is an SBT Savannah? I am not sure what the "vp" stands for....if his sire is an A2P, he (the sire) cannot be a Savannah....out of curiosity...where or who did your husband get him from?

Anyway...the new boy is gorgeous! What is his name?


Savannah Super Cat
Sire and dame are both from amiri exotics originally as its in there name. The breeder is holly odd when I searched her she is select exotics in Illinois?

Sorry not vp but FP. Got to love auto correct. His name is mojoe. He lost his buddy in a recent move it was a Siamese and a female so not around males. We got him from a lady who got him from a rescue. She has dogs so couldn't keep him. My husband told me today he found a savannah and was setting up a time to get him. He is a big purr kitty and so sweet around kids. Just hissed and growled at koda. Which of course scared koda since he loves everyone :)

Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
Be prepared for an extended introduction period. Introducing kittens into a household is almost always much easier than introducing adult cats.

I introduced a 3 year old F2 to our house with a 4 year old F6 and a year-old domestic medium hair mutt of a cat. It's taken almost a year and everyone is on mostly good terms most of the time. I can leave them all alone together without worries. And it's still improving.

Some tips: As Pam says use as much of a quarantine period as required. Make sure he bonds with the two of you during this period--which may mean the two of you taking turns sleeping with the cats separately.

Start feeding them somewhere they can see each other, but not get to each other. I had sliding glass doors that I could feed them on opposite sides of.

Switch spaces once all health concerns are past, so that they get to know each other's scent, explore their space, and use each other's litter boxes.

I also borrowed a small dog crate that I could use to allow the cats to see and smell and interact, while not being a danger to each other.

Prepare for them being together by giving them spaces to get away--high structures, shelves, trees, book cases, and high paths so they don't get or feel trapped.

Playing with them together can help, but can also lead to jealousy issues. Our mutt, Jax, hogs most string toys and our F6, Oni, gets frustrated by this and sulks. I also caused a couple of collisions and swats while playing with all of them before they were comfortable getting that close.

At some point you may need to let them work things out themselves. Cats can play amazingly hard, and what might look like a fight might be play. Watch for the ears to come back up rapidly and for them to respect when one of them yelps or otherwise indicated enough is enough. Oni needed to figure out that Ziggy wasn't going to kill her, and our intervening every time she screamed wasn't helping.

Oni noticeably pulled away from me for months. I think she blamed me for bringing Ziggy. She is finally now snuggling on the couch with us even with Ziggy there. It's still very rare that she joins us in bed, especially if Ziggy is there already.

I've had some success with clicker training them individually and then together. I'm just not consistent enough with it to see its full potential.

Best wishes! I'm glad you're trying to give this older cat a good home. All three of mine are rescues and our home is far richer for having them here.
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Well I am a bit confused because Amiri Exotics is owned by Dawn Thomson (who just retired from breeding three days ago) so I don't know where Holly comes into the picture. I also don't know what 'FP' stands for - that's a new one to me! Can you post a pic of the registration slip? That would help us help you sort out what he is and where he came from.

Beautiful kitty btw!!


Staff member
Holly Odd owned the sire and dam, who were bred by Amiri exotics. Holly Hummell owns SE... Not sure where you saw the name Holly Odd...
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