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Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I'm glad that there IS a diagnosis and so the vets know what they are treating. Now it is a matter of working out the medicating to make it the least stressful you can. Hopefully with it becoming routine she will start to just accept it. Do you have the liquid gabapentin compounded to a flavor that masks the taste? Is your vet consulting a neurology specialist... I remember years ago having a rescue cat that was put on a seizure medication to treat this and that maybe there are other options if the gabapentin ceases to work as well?


Site Supporter
Hi Brigitte, that's really interesting to know, I don't believe her liquid Gabapentin is flavoured so that is really something I shall definitely look into, thank you for suggesting that, I wasn't aware that was a possibility. With regards to the neurologist, she's under the best one in the UK, (The royal dick vet in Edinburgh) so we seem to be finally on the right track. At the moment we're trying to work out what dosage of the Gabapentin is going to work for her, she's on the liquid 50mg 1.2ml every 8 hours, she seems to be doing reasonably well on it, however, only today she had quite a few episodes and pulled a lot of hair out, she did it out of sight so I was unable to distract her. Yesterday on the other hand she was great.
We have another appointment on wed to touch base with the hosp for review of her meds. it is encouraging that you have had a rescue cat that did well on the Gabapentin, I hope Lola will too. Vito and Franco are being so luvvy with her lately, they actually appear to be trying to distract her when an episode starts. They seem to know and are unbelievably intelligent boys. Thank you again for your concern, as I said to Patti, it's much appreciated.