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I don't understand!


Savannah Child
Okay so I'm looking at some cat breeds and I see these pictures:

Is this a savannah? Why do some tabby cat and domestic shorthairs look like savannahs? Or is it the other way around? I don't get it!

Trish Allearz

It's kinda the way that there will always be cats that look 'kinda like' Siamese, Persians, Bombays, Bengals, etc, etc, etc. The breeds were created using domestic cats in their heritage- even the Savannah- so of course, some domestics will look moreso or less like certain breeds. For a Savannah kitten- you want big, tall ears, you want them up-up-up on the head. You want super long legs and a triangular shaped face.

Those are cute kittens, but they don't actually look like Casin- for example. He's not a perfect Savannah- I don't know any that are, but his ears are growing, his legs are getting there, and he looks like a Savannah- not a moggie.


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Staff member
Also all BST, SST and even my cinnamon spotted baby are considered tabbies for the most part...


Savannah Child
And that is what makes them expensive and hard to get:not sure: I need to earn more money!! haha I really love this breed. I understand that they don't come cheap, but I hear that they become worth it in the end.:lol:


Staff member
Well, I'm sure there are savannah kittens that are less expensive and often retired adults are less expensive as well...often pricing goes by how close to the standard a kitten is, etc...every breeder prices their kittens differently.


It just takes experience to tell. I'm getting better, and used to send Brigitte C. photos of cats in shelters to be "Savannah Rescued", and she taught me some finer points to look for. Now, I'm learning, but still rely on the real pros on this forum. Thank goodness for those special eye of the pioneers.

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