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I just wanna say... A random comments thread


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Went to see Atticus (and his momma) again, his manners were damn near impeccable! I brought him a gift this time, and he showed his appreciation by gnawing on my leg (imagine for a second having a 27lb beast wrapped around your calf, like a toddler who doesn’t want you leave). The gift (a catnip cigar) was a hit with all four cats!



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Rarely for these guys to be far from each other..

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I was thinking that something like what is in this video would make Bella extra happy.

What do you think and how big should I make it if I have the space in the new place?



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Wow, what a great idea! Any cat would love that, I wonder how long it took them to do the construction, lol. Those are a couple of very lucky cats!


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Bella left me with striped back in February this year. She does not mind a bath if it's her idea.
Then two days ago Xander got me with his needle sharp claws just about between your two on the neck.
His was more of a stab and then my skin reacted to what ever was on his claws. he likes to climp up
into my arms and be held like a baby and push with his paws and this time he got some claw into it.

Be sure to keep it clean and put some anti-bacterial ointment on it so you don't get infected.
As for Xander he is going to get a pedicure here in a minute or two.