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I just wanna say... A random comments thread


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Good grief! Those wounds on your neck look awful. Lots of antibiotic ointment needed. And you need to wear a sign stating that the human face is not a trampoline.

All healing up nicely, thank goodness. Ninja got spooked by a noise outside, and cried piteously in the bathroom doorway the whole time I was dressing the wounds. He felt so bad, I’ve been milking the extra belly love. :roflmao:


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Time for our weekly trim?

Resting / stretch......... Ing!

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Well I now know why Bella is wanting food first thing when I let her and Xander out.
He is being a little oink and eating her food also. You would think he would be getting FAT.
I guess she is going to learn to not turn her back on her food when the brat is around.