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I just wanna say... A random comments thread


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Bella found a new food she likes. Chicken liver. She is quite excited for dinner now.
Unlike she used to be with the "Just set it on the floor and I'll get to it when I think about it"
Xander had started to think about it first and he has become quite the little pig.

I think I might try heart again. The last time she was not interested. I will just add it to
the breast and liver she gets.

Xander also seems to like Stella and Chewy's Chicken wet or dry. I had a bunch of crumbs abd
did not want to deal with them all over the place and had wet them down and he really went after it.
Bella only seems to want to eat the large chunks.


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Waiting patiently for me

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Does your cat have that "Why have you not come in yet" look?

SAVE ME! The place has gone to the dogs and they are not doing what I tell them to do.

BTW Xander is the one chowing on Bella's raw food. I gave him his own dish and will see if that fixes that.


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I only wished that I had used my Nikon D200 for that photo.
Nothing like an over exposure to take the details out of an image.


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Today Xander was on the floor in the sun and I happened to notice that his tabby stripes are not full stripes.
They have more of a spot look to them. Also with all his energy he would of made a very energetic Savanah.


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Well I just tried to sign up for site emails and get a 404
That's odd
This page appears to be missing.

Any one else having this issue. Also I am still not getting any emails when someone posts in a
thread I am watching. I think if I am not the only one dealing with this having it working might
just get a bit more activity.


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Maybe people are just using Facebook now? It has been real quiet around here - not as many new members as we used to see. ::shrug::


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Bella got spooked last night by my compressor. By the size of her tail you would think
that she had been standing on a Van Der Graaf generator. Her tail must of been over 2.5"
in al her fluffed out size.

I had one heck of a time clamming her down after that. It does not help to have all the large
fireworks going off all day on top of the compressor incident.