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I just wanna say... A random comments thread


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Just a tad bit larger than Bella. She tends to make people look 2 or 3 times at her size.
Have you tried putting a saddle on the chicken thief?

In other news, Athena locked herself in my room while I was at work today for a long shift.
She was one very unhappy kitty. When I got home, she was crying for help just as soon as
I walked in the door to the house. She was very happy to be out.
I found a treat that she likes. Greenies Tempting Tuna. So now I have something to use in working with her and Bella.
I't starting to help. I can get them in the same room 3 feet apart if I am giving snacks. Bella is to the point where she
does not respond to the hissing as much anymore. However, she did not like the little nip and the heals the other day.
Now for odd things cats like, and Athena is the oddball one. She loves Blue Cheese Salad dressing even if it has fresh
ground black pepper in it. Tetsu used to have a thing for Black Walnut ice cream. He would hop up and perch on my foot
when I sat down with one leg crossed over. Mind you, this was a 14~15 Lb cat sitting on my foot. If I did not finish quickly
enough for his liking. He would walk up my leg and reach into the bowl and take some.

Tetsu and Mokkun could be such clowns, How I till miss them.


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Poor Athena, you silly daddy :) I don't think it'll be too long before Bella & Athena are friends, took ages with Vito and Franco too, but now their inseparable.