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I just wanna say -- A random thoughts/comments thread


Staff member
Been thinking about trying this for awhile. Let's use this thread to post comments/thoughts about our SVs when we just need to vent or share but don't warrant an entire thread to themselves.

For instance -- there I was having a nice quiet breakfast this a.m., reading the paper, savoring a delish cup of coffee made in my French press from fresh ground beans and up onto the table hops Juba who sits down 1 inch from my plate, throws his leg over his head (I envy the flexibility) and proceeds to clean his butt. WHY!?? Why does he have to do that on the table??

Oh yeah, and someone threw up a rat in my new gym shoe.


Staff member
ummmm, maybe you need a better quality of rat for your cats to catch and eat!:rolleyes: These cats are smart enough to send a message! (jk)
LOL. The message he sent was that I shouldn't have slept in this morning, then he wouldn't have been so hungry and wouldn't have inhaled the rat rather than chewing it sufficiently. I sometimes wish they could be trained to feed themselves but the thought of an SV with unrestricted access to the refrigerator strikes fear into my heart.


I have a cat who knows everyone else's name. When I yell, "Djembe!", Bambi looks to where he sleeps. She goes and looks upstairs when I call for the babies. She minds everyone's business and messes with them all, then runs to me for protection when they retaliate. She's not a Savannah. Guess what breed!


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From just about the day I got him, Tojo runs in circles chasing his own tail. This all fun and cute EXCEPT that whenever I am standing still (at kitchen counter or wherever) he uses my legs as poles and chases his tail around them grabbing at it with claws extended! You should see my legs :(! But when I yell out in pain he looks up at me with such a hurt face that I always end up feeling bad for ruining his fun!