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I just wanna say -- A random thoughts/comments thread


Savannah Super Cat
I have one little piece of carpet left...why do they have to choose the carpet to vomit on?

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Yep - the same with my horde - first target the carpet - later then jumping into the bathroom and vomit into the showertub ... but only to show - we can if we want - but at first the carpet ... maybe the feeling under the paw is more comfortabe by vomiting on the carpet stays warm - instead of cold and better cleanable floortypes, tub's or whatever :)
Ninja has a new face. It's come on so slowly that I only noticed after comparing a profile pic to one of Bear. He's changed, too, but not as dramatically. At one point, despite Bear's fuzziness, it was hard to tell them apart - we had to look at the tails, lol. That's Ninja on top.

IMG_2539.jpg IMG_2540.jpg