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I just wanna say -- A random thoughts/comments thread


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I found some old videos of the boys that I had not done anything to other than move
them from the camera to the computer and then they sat until today. i went ahead
and posted them to Youtube and placed a link in the Savanah cat and kitten video section.
if you want to see what the boys looked like at about months old. I still miss them and
most likely will not get over that any time soon.

The little gems you find when rooting around in your computer's hard drives.


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Bella is not much into a cuddle also.
Xander is the cuddling one in the house. Mind you it's left shoulder only.
Don't ask me why it's just how he is. I tried moving him to the right and
it just does not work. Just a few moments then he is back over to the left.
Zazu hasn’t cuddled, as of yet. Once I wear her out with a wand toy, she will come lay and watch animal programs with me, tho. We have snacks, and she chatters at antelope. I won’t mind if she’s not a lap cat - already have a 15lb Bearcat, the lap is full! - she has a sweet, curious, responsive, and playful personality which is what we wanted. I do feel like she’s going to be a lover once she grows up some, our interaction so far has been very similar to Ninja as a kitten - with more hissing, LOL.

Funny about the shoulder thing, Sean, isn’t it? Bear has to go to the right shoulder, and be placed with front legs over the shoulder. It looks like I’m wearing a large fur sash when I hold him.