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I LOVE When My Savannah Cat(s)...


Staff member
Follow me from room to room...
Stick their nose in every bag when I return from shopping...
Chase bugs outside when walking on their leashes...
Hide around the corner and then leap out and smack at my hand while I am putting food in their bowls
Sit on top of the refrigerator and watch me slave away for them
Chase the vacuum when most cats would run
Sniff every inch of every person who comes into my house...

The list could go on forever...what do your savannah cats do that you love???


Kisses my nose (he does it less now than as a kitten, so it is more special when he does)
Hugs my neck when I pick him up
I try to set him down after picking him up, but he instead climbs up on my shoulders
Runs to me whenever I call his name
Lays on my chest when I am in bed trying to read a book


George's brother
Gets a fat rattlesnake tail when he spots something he hasn't seen before.
Puts himself in the middle of any kids game, calmly!?
Has started exploring the ways to move around the house and not ever touch the floor.
That when he is bored my feet and legs become oh so attractive.
The unsuspecting who walk by the couch and scream at the spider legs that appear to get them.
The giant purr I get when I go wake him up in the morning, I really love watching a cat wake up all the stretching and contorting they do

Paul B

The happy talking I get when I come home from work.
The energetic laps around the house before playing in the morning.
The way he complains when I scold him for doing something he's not supposed to (the tests the limits)
The fact that he is getting more and more control of his body as we play. :)
The purring and rubbing all over me when I come into his room in the morning.
When he tries to jump on the counter by the microwave where there isn't enough room (He usually hits his head on the microwave and falls back off the counter, LOL!)
The way he is interested in EVERYTHING I do and wants to be a part of all the action.

And it's only been 2 weeks! Hehe ;)


The warm purrs and kisses I am greeted with whenever I come home
The cuddles in the morning and soft bites to remind me to feed him
Puffing his tail as big and thick as a raccoon's any time I vacuum the house
Picking up small objects in his mouth and trotting around the house to show off
Keeping my lap warm any time I am on the computer
Following me room to room wherever I go
Chasing and tumbling with his ferret sister, learning from her how to take my stuff and hide it!
Squinting his eyes and ears thrown back to look sorry when he knows he gets caught in trouble

Michelle Anderson

Savannah Super Cat
Follows me around the house, every time I go to another room.
Sits in front of the computer monitor every time I'm on the computer...checking out what I'm doing.
Curls up on my lap whenever I'm relaxing.
Acts as though every time we come back from the store....something is ALWAYS in one of those bags for her! lol
Tries jumping in the sink every time I do the dishes....she just wants to help! :)
The purring, and talking when I wake in the morning....and before bed. :)
And of course...the running crazy through the house chasing the invisible whatever it is she sees, but we don't see! lol
Gives me little kisses :)


Savannah Super Cat
My most absolute favorite is when I fall asleep with my glasses on, he takes them off. Or sometimes if I'm watching TV he'll try to do it too. lol
When I come home from work, grocery store, ect he is always sitting by the door waiting for me when I open it.
Hides behind corners, in his cube, under the table & jumps out to "attack" my leg.
He seems to know when I'm in pain & will stay curled up with me all day.-I have endometriosis, so this happens often & bless his heart, he is with me every second of the day.
He seems to play a bit more gentle when my four year old is handling him.
He doesn't seem the least bit interested in paper towels, toilet paper, or anything else that I've heard Savannahs love to shred. ;)
If I'm bending over to pick something up & my hair is down he'll "brush" it with his paw.


Savannah Super Cat
When I wake up in bed to warm furry ankles, from Miracle especially as he's bonded to my husband.

When Whips in a pet me mood and makes his O face, chin up, eyes closed, just relaxed and enjoying.

Runs laps around our house with me. :) (he lays down after 3 though lol)

The RARE times that they curl up on me on the couch and fall asleep.

Fluffy tail head butts while cooking. Lol

My boys display that high gen tendency of picking 1 person to bond with, I work 10 hour days so they picked my husband. So I adore any cuddles I get from them.


I love when Duma helps me pee by standing behind me on the toilet seat while I'm sitting on it.

Oh, and when he curls up into a little ball nestled into my right armpit to sleep. I wish he could stay this size forever! LOL but at some point that's gonna be painful.