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i made a reservation for an f2 marble kitten (pics)


Savannah Super Cat
haha thanks, I just made the reservation after long thinking and mailing.

I got such an adreline rush that i won't sleep all night. :D
I'm filled with joy.


Savannah Super Cat
Congratulations!!!:toasting: He is a beautiful kitten and I can only imagine how excited you are after thinking so long and hard about the decision. Now you can fill your time buying toys and comfy cat beds and preparing the quarantine room for your boy.

haha yes, i already went to some pet stores today.
Carefully planning everything i need to buy, so everything wil go smooth.
At the moment i'm looking to order some raw foods.


Staff member
Niels, excellent choice! I am glad you made your decision and can now spend your time getting ready to spoil your new baby ;)