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I miss him!


Savannah Super Cat
We are on vacation in Florida visiting Glenn's family & I miss Kovu terribly. :( ::sigh:: I think next time we visit we will for sure have to bring him with us!

My good friend is stopping by the house every evening to feed him his wet food, make sure water fountain is clean & full, clean litter box, and play with him for about half an hour to an hour. She sends me an update every evening after her visit, along with a photo. I didn't ask her to do this, but I'm glad she does.

Poor Elijah has just been moping around the house upset because Grandma's cats aren't as outgoing & friendly as Kovu is. He's like, "I don't understand why Grandma Donna has cats if they don't even want to play with people!"

Just thought I'd post my vent about missing him here, thought you all would understand more than anyone! Everyone else just thinks I'm a "crazy cat lady". :p


Savannah Super Cat
I can totally understand. I look forward to coming home from work every day so I can play with the kitties. Awww now I'm getting homesick and I've only been gone for a few hours lol but think how excited Kovu is gonna be to see you!!! Something to look forward to :)


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Ashley i bet Kovu really misses you all...i feel the same way every time i leave my house.

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Brigitte Cowell

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It's definitely hard to be away from the kitties... I always hate that part even if I'm enjoying the trip.

I'm glad your friend is taking such good care of Kovu for you, it makes it much easier to know they are in good hands :)


Savannah Super Cat
She's actually taking him to her house now. lol The house alarm battery is going out so its beeping every couple minutes. Theres no where to get a battery tonight so he is just going to stay at her place. She has 2 other male cats, so she said she'll set him up in the guest bedroom or something. :)

We fly back on September 2nd, btw.