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I need help

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
Echo managed to get outside while we were at work yesterday. After hours of searching, I found him in some rocks hiding. We managed to spook him to get him to go back to the house, but he took a pretty hard fall when he slipped off the rocks and into cactus. I was able to get it out of his rump while he was eating breakfast, but he is favoring a front paw. He will not allow anyone to pick him up or hold him much less touch his paws to look at it. He will put very light weight on it but is limping, so I'm not sure if there is something in it or if he hurt it. He is jumping over the baby gate from his room into the family area. He is pretty traumatized right now.

What would you do? Let it go a day or so and hope I can get a closer look or call the vet to see if there is something to give him to get him to the vet? No one is going to be able to handle him even there without sedation of some kind. I'm not even sure if I can get him in a carrier.
I PROBABLY would quarantine him to a room and see how he is doing tonight... I'm not one to run to the vet over everything though- so take my words with a grain of salt :)

With falls, they can limp for a few hours and then be jumping and pinging all over in a bit.


Savannah Super Cat
#3 terrifying for all of you! I'm so glad you found him! IMO, I'd call the vet to see what can be done about getting him in there. Since you have no idea what all he could have encountered outdoors (possible spider bite, etc.) plus the fact that he fell, and encountered cactus needles, you'd feel better after he was examined asap. Again, I'm so glad your beautiful boy is home!!!

John Popp

Site Supporter
I agree with Trish, and the quarantine period to get him some stable rest should help. If the paw is bothering him after 24 hours I would certainly take him in. With our boys accident there certainly wasn't any harm in waiting until the next day, although he definitely ended up needing medical attention. It certainly wasn't any fun waiting to see if he got better overnight, but more often than not the little bit of rest seems to cure things.


Savannah Super Cat
If a cat isn't bearing weight on the food, I would make the vet visit right away. Usually a twist or strain, they will be using the foot in an hour. I had a girls with a spiral leg fracture yet she could still jump 6 feet! It is better to be safe than sorry. :(

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
The tech just called back and they are suggesting bringing him (surprise surprise) in a carrier and using either Telazol an injectable or cevoflorine gas (sp?) to sedate him. Does anyone know if these can be used with SVs?

He was on his tree when I came home and did gently come down and over the baby gate for chicken. Still favoring the paw, but he is walking on it. I was able to kind of see his pad but of course couldn't touch it. The pad didn't appear swollen nor could I see anything, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything in it, the leg above the paw to the first joint appears slightly swollen, but he is curling his paws under his chest like all cats do. I'm thinking it's sprained as some have suggested.

He seems more his normal personality this afternoon.
I think you need to follow your instincts. We have had some that will limp for a day after a too high jump, but by the next day they are fine. If he is still favoring it tomorrow you might want to go ahead and bring him to the vet. And yes, I think both sedatives are fine.


Staff member
Ask your vet about giving him Benadryl or acepromazine to calm him down enough for transport to the vet's office. Once there they should be able to gas him down with the Servo sot that they can take xrays and do whatever necessary.

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
Ask your vet about giving him Benadryl or acepromazine to calm him down enough for transport to the vet's office. Once there they should be able to gas him down with the Servo sot that they can take xrays and do whatever necessary.
So the gas they want to do is safe?