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I REALLY need cat help.


This is non-Savannah related (mostly)...just an FYI. This may be a bit long; please stick with me.

So, besides my F2 Vienna, I have two other longhaired domestic cats: Cinnamon (Orange part-Maine Coon) and Sylvia (a muted/blended Calico, not sure the breed).

Anyway, Cinnamon is the most docile, gentle cat in the whole world. Except...about two years ago he had an incident while he was outside on a leash with Sylvia. My little brother had tied their leashes together, and they were doing fine until Cinnamon got spooked. He tried to run, but the fact that his leash was tied to Sylvia's. For some reason, he then attacked Sylvia. Sylvia is a timid, but very sweet little 7.5 lb girl. Cinnamon is about 15. Ever since then, he's relapsed several times, and each time, he tries to KILL Sylvia. Whenever he's really stressed about something, he takes it out on her. The past year or so, they'd been doing really well with no incidents, but before that, if anyone got in the way between him and Sylvia, they got teeth, claws, the whole nine yards. My mom had been bitten really badly, and I got bitten once, too.

But anyway, he'd been fine for a while, and Sylvia seemed to have forgiven him (they'd been best buddies for years). Anyway, this morning, I woke up to my mom's screaming and just general commotion. Turns out something had set Cinnamon off again (not sure what, but all three cats were together as they usually are). Vienna ran and hid, and Sylvia ran off to my room. My dad grabbed Cinnamon, and made the mistake of thinking Sylvia was in another room behind a closed door. He let him out, and Cinnamon went right back to my room and lunged at Sylvia. I picked her up to save her, but he then turned on me (to try to get to her), and bit and scratched my leg really badly. It's all torn up.

Anyway, we got him quarantined away. He never hurts humans unless they get in the way of him and Sylvia, and he doesn't have a problem with any animals other than Sylvia. He had something traumatic happen to him, and Sylvia happened to be there, so he has some psychological scare there.

The bottom line is that he's relapsed too many times, and we can't take the risk of having him and Sylvia be around each other anymore. Vienna and Sylvia aren't the problem; he is. So we're going to have to find him another home, most likely a single-cat home, but I don't think it's other cats he has a problem with; just Sylvia. Does anyone know a place I can re-home him? I don't want to give him to the shelter because he's 8 years old and would probably be euthanized. I always get compliments on his temperament and his looks, so I'm sure he would make a wonderful pet for someone.

Sorry for the long background. I'm just really upset. He's my little baby boy, and this is really a last resort. We just can't keep him anymore, for Sylvia's safety and for our own. :'( So if you can help me, please do.

I've attached a picture of the two cats from years ago. The other picture's blurry, but you can see his beautiful coat.



Staff member
Lauren, he is gorgeous! I don't quite know what to say, considering he is your baby...have you ever tried a feliway collar on him? Putting feliway infusers around the house? Perhaps talking to Marilyn? all as a last resort?

Sounds like he was really traumatized through no fault of his own, he is now 8 years old and has to be rehomed? I understand it must be tough, but I guess the question is...have you done everything possible to keep him from being rehomed?

Trish Allearz

Frankly, I would think introducing Vienna into the home would be enough stress to cause your baby to act up. Even if he's been pretty calm and mellow so far- cats don't show stress the same way we do. He probably has simply been waiting to go off.

The question is- what do you want to do about this? I would say try the Feliway and separation for a bit, but it probably won't prevent this type of incident from ever happening again. Would he be happier in a single cat home? Perhaps. Would your little girl be happier not living with a trigger happy best buddy? Probably. But would you be happy letting him go? Probably not. So the question comes- what is best for him and what is best for you and your family.

We all want things to fit into perfect little boxes and to have perfect, pretty answers, but it's not always feasible. I guess if I were to really suggest something- I'd say talk to Marilyn Krieger, the Cat Coach, and get professional advice on this one. It seems like you are walking a fine line of keeping him versus not and I think she'd be the person I reached out to.


I'll consider talking to Marilyn, but we have gotten professional help before. His condition was even identified (I forget the exact name, but it had something do to with trauma and aggression). I would absolutely love to keep him, but he's had at least five episodes in the past two years. Doesn't sound like a lot, but each one is traumatic for my family and for Sylvia. He completely tore up my leg this time. About 30 bites and scratches in all. He hasn't attacked my older brother or my dad, but he has to me and my mom, and we don't want my little brother to be next.

I'm sure he was stressed about Vienna and his diet change (which has been over several weeks now), but if this is how he's going to react when he's stressed, he's just too dangerous. He is a BIG cat and does a lot of damage. Something inside him just snapped, and I'm not sure it can be fixed. We've successfully "rehabed" him in the past, but who knows when the next incident would be? His eyes get completely black, he makes the most terrifying noises, and he goes completely feral. It's just plain scary.

I have an uncle that might want him (he loves Maine Coons), so we'll see. I'm so heartbroken, but I don't think there's any way this could work.


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Sounds like you have tried what you can and if you really cannot keep him, it would be wonderful if your uncle would take him!


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This is a very sad story. It is very difficult to comment on it on my bad English ...
There's a great book - "Clinical behavioral Medicine for Small Animals" Karen L Overall, M.A., V.M.D., Ph.D
Maybe it will help you and will also help in a conversation with a psychologist ...