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I see a Serval joining the ranks



Our urban days are over and will be joining the rural country living.

There is a heated horse barn I'm going to remodel into a huge Savannah indoor play area. I plan on introducing a male serval kitten... Don't worry breeders, he will be fixed ;).

Have you guys ever tried to introduce a serval kitten to a F1 Savannah?

My Kronos took a day to cuddle up with Kirby. I don't think it would be a big problem..


Staff member
That is very cool! Congrats! There are several breeders on here with servals and F1s, so hopefully they chime in.

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Congratulations;>) Early, early, early introduction;>) Your F1 will explain the ranking;>) I do not forsee a problem if introduction is done correctly. Allow them to see, smell and play through a safety barrier until you see the F1 actually coming nose to nose without growling, hissing and smacking. You will still see some chasing and swats once they are running together. This should not last long, but expect it. If the F1 starts stalking and gives reason to make you think he may try to harm the Serval may have to start over again by allowing the serval baby to switch places with the F1.Just know a serval baby has no idea he is smaller and may be the one to cause a problem;>) Go with caution and use common sense. I WOULD NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE AT ALL UNTIL YOU ARE SEEING ACTUAL SLEEPING TOGETHER AND GENTLE PLAY.