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I swear with this cat....


Savannah Adult
*Freya starts eating the Christmas tree*
Me: Freya...
Freya: /ignore
Freya: /ignore
Me: Don't make me come over there.
Freya: *nom nom nom the tree!*
Me: *goes over there*
Freya: lol whatevs. like you'll do anything.
Me: *grabs Freya and lightly tosses her away from the tree*
Freya: *runs away glaring*
Me *returns to what I was doing*
Freya: *claws at the carpet*
Freya: Mew me-e-ow! *runs away*


Any advice on Savannahs eating Christmas trees and how to stop it?


Site Supporter
Haven't had one in three years, just not worth it. They never tire if trying to destroy it. It turned into a game, knock down ornaments, hang again. Knock down ornaments, hang again. Repeat over and over.


Staff member
Love the title of the thread…I swear a lot more now that I have 3 SVs. But Willowcrickett, seriously, whatever gave you the impression that Freya would actually listen and obey? I know you didn't read any such fiction on this site. The "ignore" function on SVs is stronger than any known force in the universe except for their "stubborn" function. I'm not sure what is giving me the :roflmao: more, that you put up a tree or that you thought it wouldn't be savandalized.


Savannah Adult
bleh. I'm not sure I can handle Christmas without a tree....

I guess I was just basing off my experience so far. She only gets on the counters occasionally, and I don't even have to yell at her anymore to get off... I just LOOK at her. So I know she knows wrong from right, and since the tree is in a central area of the house, I thought that the ever-present threat of discipline would keep her in line.

I guess I'm just happy that it's a super cheap artificial tree. Still, the vinegar idea is worth looking into. Going to get a spray bottle today and give it a shot.


Animal Communicator
Sounds so familiar hahaahah! Luckily not with the tree...Zeddie just likes to sit under it with her brother, instead of destroying it. But that is identical to our counter situation