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I think the time has come..


Savannah Super Cat
Sorry I haven't been on here as often guys. Life has been a little chaotic. Felt like I should check in and update you all =]

Loki is gettin big. Surprises me with something new daily. One thing I have to ask.. Why does he seem so cuddly the mornings after he destroyed something while I slept? Haha numerous cell cords he has pulled out of drawers and shredded. Goodness. we are getting ready for the switch to raw. So I'm going to have I do plenty of research to get ready. And order some vitamins while I am at it this will be fun right? Should I look forward to smelly poos? ;) also Loki had started this interesting, annoying, and rather inconvenient yet common problem with peeing on my bed. No problems up until 2 days ago. he tried peeling on my bed after Adam sprayed glade in my room. Since we have been feeding more cooked chicken his poo seems to be especially robust. he seemed I have been offended. I caught him fast enough but took my blanket off the bed (it's going to need to go to laundromat) then later while I slept he peed again only this time it was on my les horrible way to wake up at 5am. I scrubbed the bed with vinegar and changed the sheets aired out the house then he peed again last night only this time on Adams feet. The two places he has choosen are in the two exact spots my female bunny had an accident over a year ago. although cleaned very well and she has no problems anymore I find it strange it is those spots. He has peed on both spots twice now. Is this marking behavior? I'm beginning to think it may be time to get him fixed. he loves to knock plants in the kitchen down off a shelf I have no idea how he gets to. And is very happy about opening drawers and cabinets. never a dull moment with him. But I think I knew what. Was getting into when I named him Loki. Lol

"Those who wander aren't always lost"


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Bekki, you have been a naughty little human depriving us of updates and Loki pictures. We won't offer any advise until you pony up some more pix of Loki.:p


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But seriously, now old is Loki now? My Himy male started fun things like peeing on electrical outlets when he was about 5 months old. He knocked out the power on half the house and we were quite amazed that he did not electrocute himself in the process. This does sound like marking to me. When do you plan on neutering him?


Staff member
I think it's quite possible that he can smell the bunny smell and wants to cover it up with his own. You need to wash everything thoroughly with a strong enzyme cleaner such as Anti Icky Poo or Unique Distributors (both can be purchased online). You also need to soak the mattress with the enzyme cleaner if possible. Hopefully this will solve the problem. And yes, it's probably time for Loki to be neutered.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Agreed with Patti. If he's peeing in the same places the bunny did it is possible that your thorough cleaning wasn't thorough enough...kitty noses are way more sensitive than ours. IMHO vinegar is not enough, you need a good enzyme cleaner like Patti has recommended.

If this is recent then yes, a vet visit is a good idea to check for urinary tract infection but also to schedule a neuter. As he matures sexually he is going to be more prone to marking that may be a factor.

I am sure the reason he is especially cuddly after a night's destruction is like us being all sleepy and content after a big night out ;-)