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I thought Savannahs begged!!!!



Haha, Keljin is a ninja thief himself, therefore I have no pictorial evidence at this time. He squints his eyes, and puts his ears back, and sneaks over to my plate as slow motion as he can possibly be. Once I snap and tell him NO! he attempts to reach the plate from a different angle, thinking the other side of the table may be okay... lol clever boy!


Savannah Super Cat
We had a box of muffins from Perkins on the counter. Tink managed to open the box and help herself to one. Sue

MK Anderson

lol. I have one cat like that! I have to watch him like a hawk.


Site Supporter
Jarvis tries to steal food constantly; he will sneak up on us and try to bat it off of our plates.

D was just as bad when he was a baby, but he has figured out that if he is a good boy and does not try to steal from our plates, he gets treats when we are finished eating. D does try to steal when I am cooking. I don't have photos, i am afraid, because they are just too fast!


Savannah Super Cat
Lol they are most definitely fast. Plate of food one minute and then the next minute I am missing my chicken.

I probably encourage his behavior because when I cook chicken he usually gets his own chicken boiled while we eat. :)
Abu is can pretty brazen about certain items in certain situations and others he is very polite ... he has learned that my plate is off limits, or anyting on a plate in general (unless he can time things perfectly, when there is no one paying attention). He is so cute because he knows better, and once he has the food, if being a ninja, he tries to slowly slink away instead of the fast get away that others would prefer. Other times he will most gently reach out slowly and tap with his paw what ever he may be intersted in. He has learned that if he is allowed to touch it with his paw, it is fair game (not sure why any one would want to eat anything after a kitty paw has been on it, gently or not). But his slow action is like asking "May I" ... if he gets a no, he withdraws his paw, and then will try again ... usually 3 nos is enough for him to say "ok, ok, i give up."

If I'm cutting Stella & Chewys up food for him, or breaking apart roasted chicken so that it can cool, he is very brazen. He eats directly out of my fingers. He has learned the difference between chicken and fingers, but still on occasion gets happy LOL

Its almost evil how easily these cats train us =) LOL