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I wanna bath!!


Savannah Super Cat
I just put Jambit in the shower with me and close the door, perks of enclosed showers, he was interested for maybe a minute before he started clawing at the door and meowing. he will get use to it.


Staff member
LOL, I found one of my girls sit in the shower stall this morning when I wanted to turn it on. She did not want to move so I finally just turned it on. She lasted for about seven seconds then decided she'd had enough and made a beeline out of there!

Jacob Steel

Savannah Super Cat
Haha awesome, my boy exits the bathroom when the shower comes on, but my girl sits there at the door demanding it be open so she can stick her head in, she puts a paw in all the time, it gets hit by water and she backs it out slowly. Once the shower turns off she sprints in to lick the left over water before it leaves. I haven't tried the bath, but heh if they slip in all the time, would save me time bathing them!