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If you're cold, they're cold


Eddies a ham!
When we were kids my Dad looked out the front door & said "Well sh*t", then he goes out after getting his boots, coat, gloves...I watch him out the window as he pulls an extension cord from the shed, lays something in a big old cooler with a blanket, puts the lid (which was broken in half) on it. After he stands there looking at it he finally comes back in & promptly throws a snowball at me..."Watch" he says as he points out the window... Momma Bobcat & 2 little ones slink over to the cooler & disappear inside it...for a big 6 foot 9 inch construction worker building temporary warm housing was nothing new. He had put an old dog heater pad in the bottom of that cooler for them, they stayed all winter but Dad wouldn't let us feed them or go near it, "Keep the "wild" wild but take care of their needs while you do it". Miss my Dad:in love:.