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Im a Savannah owner.....well in 2 wks ill be.



Thanks for all the tips and advice.In my mind i had the perfect idea of what i wanted in a SV.I saw a pic of a members SV and really loved it.I went back thru that members post and found where it came from(no im not a stalker i just liked thier cat).Finding the sight i quickly go to kittens for sale but there were none like the member had.There were some f5- f6 kittens and 2 twin f2 brother and sister that are...........Marbeled,not the perfect SV that was in my minds eye.Then i read a long thread on here and i got the feeling in these parts its like wanting a porsche but only getting a porsche motor in a cavalier body.Then i thought im a non standard in a standard world where would i be if i didnt catch some breaks and i was discounted because i dont fit the mold. One members comment about non standards kept going thru my mind-she said its still a SV.The wife loves his pics,i said dont base this on him more than half of what i was willing to spend.She said she thougth about what i said about me being non standard and said she's not perfect (she has MD and has to wear leg braces) and you still love me....put a deposit on it she say's. Waiting for tax return and then off to Vegas for the first time ever-to sleep with a cat in a hotel.Do Savannahs like to gambel?

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member

I actually think that the marbles are one of the "bargains" in the SV world, you get all the the type and personality of the Savannah and still in a very dramatic pattern. And I've always had my marble kittens sell first in a litter, there's something so unique about each one's pattern too... look forward to seeing pics of your new kitten!


Staff member
Congrats on your new savannah kitten! Look forward to seeing pics!

I like the NP savannah kittens, which is one of the reasons why I kept my cinnamon-spotted girl ;)


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
Congrats! If I'm not mistaken, your new SV sounds like it's Shango's brother ;). If so, you've made a great choice! That litter of Camelottaspots SV's is great - the Mom is fantastic IMO and Dad super loveable - their half sister was featured on a cat magazine cover (super cool looking). Lots of energy, very social and likeable. Shango just began fetching tennis balls today, just like a dog! Something new everyday.

Post some pix when you get a chance later. When do you pick him up out of curiosity? cheers... dj


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
Very nice. He and Shango have very similar faces, big ears, too! Very cool marble pattern. Get ready for a fast growing and energetic cat, but very loveable as well ;)

I was pretty lucky, as I live in Phoenix, AZ. So I just drove to pick Shango up. I had looked at many breeders basically in AZ, UT and CA areas. Camelottaspots had some other kittens at the time, but they quickly got picked at the time and so I made a deposit on Shango who was my first choice at the time (they don't last long!). Keep us posted with pix and posts. I bet you can't wait! cheers... dj

John Popp

Site Supporter
That is a very stunning kitten and one that leaves me scratching my head as to why the breed standards are so restrictive. Fortunately there are enough breeders who stray from the norm and also enough happy genetic accidents that we have beautiful kittens such as this.

John Popp

Site Supporter
I don't have a clue about the sheeted marble designation, but we also had our aims on a kitten that exuded a lot of confidence amongst his litter mates and the first of the bunch to greet humans without apprehension. That we ended up with a classic example of a savannah is really just a misnomer and the wrapper won't matter much when they become part of your household.