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I'm in BIG trubble!!!

Hi everyone, Xumi Tsunami here.

I'm sneaking in some time on Mom's computer. I need to be quick, cuz if I get caught, I'll be in even more trouble than I already am. I am in BIG trouble! I broke one of Mom's favorite lamps last night. Now I have broken many things in the past, but apparently this was the last straw. Mom is pissed! You see, she spent a lot of money for this lamp, and she's had it for many years. I didn't mean to break it, it was an accident. I was running around the living room, and decided to jump on top of the lamp, like I have done before. I guess I've been gaining weight lately - anyway, when I jumped on it, it made a loud sound, and then I was in the bedroom all of a sudden. Mom made some loud sounds herself, and I learned some new words.

Anyway, I just wanted to let any fellow kitties who read this forum know that it just isn't worth it to break things that belong to your folks. "Probashun" is not fun! I'm only 9 months old, and already I have a criminal record.

Here are some pictures - one when I was about 4 months old, on the lamp. The other one is self-explanatory.

xumi lamp 3-23-12.JPG lamp.JPG


Staff member
Dear Xumi's Mom,
Ah well, you should know that all the SVs here at SVcatchat are completely in tune with Xumi. We cannot for the life of us understand why humans are so attached to material things. Most don't have spots, none purr and head butt, none will make you laugh as much as a SV does. Most importantly, they don't love you. And while we SVs may feign aloofness from time to time, we generally love our human slaves, even when we are put on probashun. Our goal to rid humans of material objects should be seen as a kindness. You now have 1 less thing to dust.

Purrposely yourz,
Juba Kai, Maliik & Taji


Duma has a story from this weekend, he was invited to visit some of our friends to say happy 90th birthday, and the visit started out nicely, but he was unfamiliar with ceiling fans of which there were two. I had no idea ceiling fans were SOOOOOO SCARRRRRY! We turned off the one in the room we were in, but then we changed rooms and in the 2nd room the fan was running full speed...Duma pulled out of my hands and ran full speed several times around the house...large retractable leash dangling along! It was a miracle that nothing broke, but we all freaked out a bit trying to catch the rogue Duma. He was completely unstoppable! I don't think he's going to be invited back, sadly. Duma's on probashun with Xumi for the time being.


Savannah Super Cat
Xumi, my older non savannah housemate Tigger broke my mommy's Lladro statue many years ago (this was before I was born). It was a wedding gift from Rascalsdad. Mommy's two children hid the pieces, hoping that mommy would never find out because they thought mommy would kill Tigger. The now adult children swear that Tigger knocked it off the mantle. Tink

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Poor Xumi, I know you didn't mean it... and I know your mommy is really mad at herself for leaving the lamp where you might break it. I hope probayshun doesn't last too long!