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Savannah Super Cat
So I've had my kitten using the litterkwitter perfectly for over a week now without even one hiccup, he seemed so awesome with it. I was out all evening with a friend lastnight and slept over at her place. then i come home to find out he pooped on my rug, and then pooped and peed on a stack of papers. After freaking out and cleaning that, he pees on the floor right in front of me!! WTH!! he's never had a problem before with his toilet habit.

Is it just becuase of the litterkwitter and he suddenly decided to be weird about it? Does it mean anything that his poops were really soft and he's had nothing but kibble for several days i think (and im sure they wern't both fresh...not to mention when i caught him just now going to poop on the bathroom floor and i put him on the litter just in time, and that too was really soft)

Im actually kind of devastated cus i dont know what to do i get the pee smell out of the carpet without having to go and buy something?! And now i cant trust him at all...what if he poops and pees all over things at night?! i cant just keep him locked in a small bathroom the whole time can i?:cry:


Savannah Super Cat
You might have to rip up all carpet if it went down in the padding....:( Carpet isn't good for critters...I found that out!


Savannah Super Cat
If a cat/kitten is having a runny butt issue, up-set GI, they will often go varied places. It is sort of like saying "Hey, I got problems." I don't think this is litter issue. Going back to his usual diet, adding fiber, or using something very bland like boiled chicken and rice, will help unless it is a bacterial or parasite problem. Be patient, he is a baby. Savannahs mature different from other cats. They tend to be slow and anything upsetting can throw them off. A few accidents at this age isn't something to worry about too much.


Staff member
You can try vinegar water to get out the cat pee but most likely you will need to purchase something like Anti Icky Poo or Unique Distributors - both can be found online.

It's hard to know exactly what is going on with your kitten. What exactly is the litterkwitter? Is he acting oddly in any other way, e.g., crying or growling when he is going to the bathroom? Acting oddly toward you? Have his stools always been soft or is this just new from today? This could indicate some sort of infection, or it could indicate a protest or simply stress from you being gone all night. You absolutely can, and probably should keep him confined to the bathroom (with food, water, and litterbox of course) until the situation gets resolved.


Savannah Super Cat
didnt find anything in the morning, but i put him in the bathroom when i left in the morning and came back to poop on the floor. The litterkwitter is a special seat type thing to pottytraining your cat to use the toilet. He was on the second stage no problem, but now ive moved it back to the floor on the first stage to see if that was the problem. If the accidents keep happening i guess then i should be concerned? He's on only his simple acana kibble, nothing else

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
As Kelly says, pooping outside the box may be calling your attention to him not being well...if you say he's not had good stools for a bit, then definitely work that out before assuming it is the litter kwitter...although you could possibly take that process one step backwards and see if that makes a difference.

You could easily work out the cause of the soft poops (whether it is the kibble or an infection or...) and everything will be fine.

BUT it might be an objection to the litter kwitter in which case either as I said you take a step back and go more slowly or you reevaluate how much you want him to use that system. I don't know that all cats will adjust to that.

In terms of cleaning, you don't have to lose the carpet but it can be a lot of work to get pee out of the carpet when it sinks down into the underpadding. offers a carpet injector for that problem... so you might want to look into that! Definitely a good enzyme cleaner like Anti Icky Poo or the Unique Distributors Odor Eliminator is essential, I don't find the store-bought cleaners nearly as effective. I've used the Unique Distributors product in a carpet steam cleaner instead of the usual cleaning detergents and had good results in the past. Good luck!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I agree with Brigitte that attempting the Litterkwitter if he is not ready or never will accept it might be the cause of the inappropriate old is he and how long have you had him?

He may have been protesting the night you spent away with him, too. If it was your first time away leaving him home alone, he might have been telling you he was not amused ;)

The softer poops are definitely worth keeping an eye on, in case he has some issue going on there....


Savannah Super Cat
i would consider the 'hey i didnt like you leaving me all night' option, but he's still doing it. I've had him for about 6 or 7 weeks now, and he took to the litterkwitter perfectly, no complaints. I went back to square one where its just a litterbox on the floor now and he's still only peeing in it.

Is there concern if i noticed some mucous on those mushy poops of his?