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Imani Katika, F6 SBT Female


Staff member
Imani is a five month old SBT girl who has decided that she is not interested in being a show kitty and is looking for someone to adopt her who will give her the love and attention she deserves. She is shy with strangers so will need a bit of patience in the beginning, but given time should adjust just fine to a new home. She is available for $900. If interested, please email me at and I will send you a pre-adoption questionnaire.

Imani Katika 2016 0207 01.JPG Imani Katika 2016 0207 02.JPG Imani Katika 2016 0207 03.JPG Imani Katika 2016 0207 04.JPG Imani Katika 2016 0207 05.JPG
Imani Katika 2016 0207 06.JPG Imani Katika 2016 0207 07.JPG Imani Katika 2016 0207 08.JPG Imani Katika 2016 0207 09.JPG Imani Katika 2016 0207 10.JPG
Imani Katika 2016 0207 11.JPG Imani Katika 2016 0207 12.JPG Imani Katika 2016 0207 13.JPG Imani Katika 2016 0207 14.JPG Imani Katika 2016 0207 15.JPG


Savannah Super Cat
Really Patti! For that price, I would have definitely flown in for this little girl, but I just put a deposit down on another kitty.
She's gorgeous so I'm sure you will have no problem finding her a forever home.

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Staff member
Imani is still available to the right home. As she has gotten older she has become more friendly and outgoing. She will still probably have some difficulty adjusting to her new home but I think she will be fine given time and patience. I am now offering her for $500 to the right home. If interested, please contact me privately at