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George's brother
I would like to know what the typical immunization schedule is for a Savannah, starting from birth until they start annual ImmunizationsI . Does generation make a difference, like F1. Compared to F6? What type (live vs killed), and /or brand has been the safest to use? What wormers etc. are called for and when/type?
I have also read about not immunizing adult cats because they do not go outside and interact with outside animals. What if you take your cat with you, like to pet smart or on vacation would that make a difference in immunizing the adult or not?

Per Lausund

Staff member
It would depend on the disease pressure in the area. here in Norway we vaccinate all cats at two and three months (with trivalent or tetravalent vaccines, depending on the vet and owner) and then every year. Some will advocate a third at six months and then yearly. Generally, following the vaccine manufacturers and your vet´s recommendation is a smart thing to do. And remember rabies!
Personally I go for the live, attenuated vaccines, again a matter of belief and taste, and I don´t use chlamydial vaccine. But then I run a closed colony, so it´s easy for me to say. I am careful with adjuvants, though, they are known to cause problems. They do aid immunity, though, so either or...
It is a very complex subject, and as I said, local disease pressure is important. I have never seen any of my SVs react to any of the live, attenuated vaccines, but a friend´s Birmans do...


When Kronos came home he had vaccinations at 12 and then 20 weeks (rabies). Many people say to use killed vaccinations only for SVs. I honestly didn't ask my vet about that and just had their regular vaccines given to him. He is an F5B so not much wild blood in him.

Trish Allearz

I don't think you'd even deworm at 3 days- you are talking about a tiny kitten with a very sensitive system at that age. At 3-4 weeks, some breeders do the intranasal vaccines to ward against URIs and whatnot- but many don't do first vaccines until 6-8 weeks.