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In Memory Of Bluto and Kitty

Michelle Anderson

Savannah Super Cat
Both super awesome pets.....Kitty(a bengal) had a long lovely life.....I miss her so much! Bluto,(a mastiff) was such and awesome dog....until he attacked my husband, after our youngest daughter was born in 2009... he was only about 16 months old and weighed 150 lbs when that happened, he was immediately put down, by animal control in my home sad. My Siamese, Saki was his absolute best friend! aww.:( Sorry, I know this is a cat/ Savannah site....but it was quite devastating......And we will never know why Bluto did what he did.....He was such a sweetheart until the baby came home....and I think about him he was probably the coolest/silliest dog I've ever had in my life. And I REALLY WISH that when he attacked....he did not need to be put down right in front of me in my house....:( I love you both and think about u daily......:cat::dog:

RIP~KITTY 5/5/97-9/13/11 RIP~ BLUTO 5/10/08-9/30/09

Photo06081608_2.jpg bluto12.jpg bluto 1.jpg Photo07151243.jpg Photo07251410_1.jpg Photo07271115.jpg 15.jpg 17.jpg 19.jpg bluto6mon..jpg


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Staff member
Michelle, I'm so sorry for your losses. Our critters have a way of stealing our hearts, then leaving huge holes in them when they leave us. Animal behavior is very difficult to understand at times, no one will ever know what triggered Bluto's attack. Both Bluto and Kitty knew how much you loved them, and they are at peace now.


Staff member
Michelle, i am so sorry! I feel your pain...animals have a way of just getting into our hearts and souls...i bet Kitty and Bluto are together...